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  weilu 234183a26a 同步代码 6 months ago
  weilu d36a12a9c6 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into dev 6 months ago
  Julian Finkler a4a010ca31
Update README.md 8 months ago
  Julian Finkler 941e172376 Fixed wrong build.gradle 8 months ago
  Julian Finkler 1e98233091
Update CHANGELOG.md 8 months ago
  Julian Finkler 0c5899977e
Merge pull request #183 from mintware-de/prepare-release 8 months ago
  Julian Finkler d96581e552 Version updated and dartdocs added 8 months ago
  Julian Finkler 14a744d0af Owner changes: 8 months ago
  Julian Finkler fd166d9915
Update CHANGELOG.md 8 months ago
  Julian Finkler 0ef78bb112
Merge pull request #167 from mintware-de/fix_issue_61 8 months ago
  Julian Finkler 807d18fe55
Merge pull request #180 from connectety/master 8 months ago
  Julian Finkler 0a25923ae2
Merge pull request #168 from AreaSeys-Team/master 8 months ago
  Julian Finkler 750da9f248
Merge pull request #142 from SuuSoJeat/master 8 months ago
  Julian Finkler 5ba94159a1
Merge pull request #127 from lookfirst/patch-1 8 months ago
  Julian Finkler 49cab03d37
Removed "unmaintained" notice 8 months ago
  Matthew Smith ac4fbd2cf9
Update README.md 8 months ago
  Connectety-T e0c461d139
Added tiny addition in description to bring the length over 60. 8 months ago
  Julian Finkler 770bb47d6c Fixed the position of the scan line 9 months ago
  Julian Finkler e0cc5c3bc2 Fixed the size of the preview overlay 9 months ago
  weilu fbd6ece45f 支持1.12版本新的android插件api 10 months ago
  weilu d806560cd5 flutter sdk 1.12.13 10 months ago
  @SantiiHoyos 24d5067a8a
Merge pull request #1 from santiihoyos/master 10 months ago
  Santi Hoyos 2a2a3e0899 avoid use Registrar.activity() before flutter engine is attached to android Activity 10 months ago
  Julian Finkler 06f38e0b53 Fix for Issue #61 10 months ago
  weilu 7229aeb7b5 依赖替换 1 year ago
  Eterna 4fe1075fa6 upgrade gradle 1 year ago
  weilu d83c0aca1c 去除多余依赖 1 year ago
  weilu 0921367fc0 文字修改 1 year ago
  weilu 99718f6af2 依赖版本修改 1 year ago
  Matthew Smith 39ecc57bc0
Merge pull request #134 from brandon8863/master 1 year ago
  brandon.maness 73c7a7ea3b Fix dart future not returning on cancel 1 year ago
  Jon Stevens 81edea7935
fix compile warning 1 year ago
  Matthew Smith 42714900ca Updates to barcode scanner dependencies 1 year ago
  Matthew Smith 18960bd493
Merge pull request #123 from mjafartp/master 1 year ago
  Matthew Smith 59e20c1f36
Merge pull request #111 from ammaratef45/edit-readme 1 year ago
  Matthew Smith 922f0d06a8
Merge pull request #119 from NamanShergill/patch-1 1 year ago
  mjafartp f7b09a9272
App Crash with Background fetch plugin cleared 1 year ago
  Naman Shergill c8966b4515
Some changes to fix errors being thrown 1 year ago
  Ammar Atef 25e1669bcd
changed version with any 1 year ago
  Matthew Smith 8455f159f6 Fixed example app 1 year ago
  Matthew Smith 6d37ed830b Android X Support 1 year ago
  Matthew Smith b2900dfd87
Merge pull request #90 from ethael/patch-1 1 year ago
  Marián Mižik eb027ced44
Update gradle-wrapper.properties 1 year ago
  Marián Mižik 243a6b5278
Update build.gradle 1 year ago
  Matthew Smith 5d498e39a7
Merge pull request #72 from victoraldir/improvement/migrate-to-androidx 1 year ago
  Matthew Smith c42b301c18
Merge pull request #67 from bcc0421/master 1 year ago
  victoraldir 3c8e8c54af Increase gradle version and migrate to androidx 1 year ago
  Robin 82f461185d Fix issue that some HUAWEI scan error. 1 year ago
  Matthew Smith af8fa170db Version bump, prepare 0.0.8 release. 1 year ago
  Matthew Smith 5e360fc9da
Merge pull request #55 from tgezginis/master 1 year ago